WP Care Package is a website that offers a lot of premium products (software) needed for the development of websites, including WordPress themes and plugins.

  1. All items such as Themes and Plugins are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). Therefore, we are free to distribute after the purchase.
  2. Your payment will not only be our profit. We will use the funds to maintain this website and get more Themes and Plugins in the future. This kind of crowd funding allow us to make the price low.
  3. Like any other businesses, we have competitors too. We keep our price low because we favour large sales volume as our business model.

  1. Much lower price
  2. One time fee. (Lifetime membership).
  3. All products work on an unlimited number of websites.
  4. All files are ready on direct links. 
  5. Files are scanned by Malwarebytes and AVG Antivirus.
  6. Regular updates
  7. All legal files. No Modified or cracked files.

  1. Click here. It will bring you to the registration page, go through the rest in a 4 easy steps.

  1. We only support payment via PayPal at the moment.

    You DO NOT need a PAYPAL account to make payments.

Download section will be available on your account page after payment.

  1. Sorry we will not give a refund.
  2. There will not be any refund because what we offer are digital items which can be downloaded immediately after payment. Thus, you cannot really return the downloaded items.
  3. We will reject refund request without any communication.

  1. You can download free updates for purchased products for a LIFETIME PERIOD. We will update the files regularly when it is available.

Yes it is !

  1. All the products are available under GNU General Public License. Before using anything offered from us, please carefully read the Terms and Conditions on this PAGE

  1. We only provide basic support.
  2. If you need full support on any theme of plugins, you will need to purchase it from the developers and get support from them.
  3. By not providing support, we can keep the price low.

  1. Ignore it.
  2. Developers included it because they want you to buy the full license for automatic updates and support.
  3. We highly recommend you buy it if the Theme or Plugin really impressed you.
  4. Alternatively, you can get updates from us when available.

  1. We can’t and won’t provide, lease, release, resell license keys.
  2. All the products offered in this website are licensed under GNU GPL License.
  3. You do not need license to use the Themes or Plugins. The catch is, there won’t be support and automatic updates.

We work very hard to provide the best possible service to your customers. Updates are available when our supplier have it.

  1. We obtained our files via a Supplier.
  2. We are only reselling it at a much lower price.

You can read it here: Terms & Conditions

If you haven’t found the answer, please contact us via e-mail. We will respond to inquiries asap. Usually within 24 hours. [email protected]

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