Get these products at a much cheaper price! Please read the FAQ below before purchase.

Microsoft OneDrive 5TB – Lifetime

(We will give you a login ID after purchase. You can only change your password once)



Spotify Premium – 1 Year

(We will need your account login details to upgrade your account. Make sure your account is FREE account, NOT an account with existing subscription



Freepik Premium – 1 Year

(We will give you a login  ID. Login in incognito mode, do not change any of the account’s info to avoid account lock)



Nord VPN – 1 Year

(We will give you a login ID after purchase, do not change account info, use on one device only to reduce account lock risk)




Click the yellow "Buy now" button. You can pay via PayPal without an account. *Refresh the page if PayPal request for an account*


Make sure you insert your correct email during the PayPal checkout. We will generate the keys/ accounts once the payment is made.

Please email us with your PayPal email to let us know after the purchase. Our Email is: [email protected]


You will receive the keys/accounts detail via email asap. That is why your email during PayPal checkout must be correct and real.



The price is very low because we are reselling it.

Keys are 100% genuine. We do no provide cracked installation files.

We have a distributor for that. We only get the products from them without questions. Therefore, we do not know the origin of the products.

-We are not going to lie. Those keys or account are 100% genuine, but the lifespan will depend on your luck since it’s from the grey market. There’s no estimation on it.

-Even if it gets terminated, you wont really lose anything since the price is so cheap compared to the original pricing.

-For example: Spotify official store sells their Premium account for 9.99 USD per month. But we are selling it for 9 USD for a year.

  1. Yes, you get a warranty as long the supplier still provides it.
  2. Standard warranty is 1 month supplier warranty for all products.
  3. Sadly, we will not be able to give warranty or refund if the supplier no longer provide it.
  4. We will only refund if the account/key is unusable even after warranties are provided. But that will depend on the situation there is no 100%.

-You will get your key or account details via your email. Please insert your real email during PayPal checkout. We will send to that email.

– You can also send us an email at [email protected] with the Name, Email used during checkout & Receipt number to inform us. We will reply to that email with the key or account details. To double confirm your identity.

-We will deliver as fast as possible. Purchased Keys or Account require time to generate.

-Expect around 1 – 12 hours, can be within 30 minutes if the key or account is generated fast.

-Our working hours are 10am to 8pm (GST Time)

-In some cases, we might even deliver the products after working hours depending on our team member’s availability.

-Obviously NO, sharing the account will increase the chances of account termination. We cannot stop you from doing that but we believe you are smart enough to avoid product termination by the official company (Not us)


Please DO NOT do that! Doing that will pretty much leads to product termination.

-No, you do not need a PayPal account to pay.

-In some cases, PayPal might want you to create an account to pay. The workaround is to refresh the page.

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